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Providing Hydraulic Training Since 1988

BasicHydraulics.com is part of Customized Creations. Rob Fish is the company owner and lead trainer.

Rob helps companies "downsize their downtime" by providing hydraulic training that teaches how hydraulic components operate, gives a clear understanding of how hydraulics work, and focuses on helping class members do a better job of maintaining, troubleshooting, and operating hydraulic equipment.

Rob earned the Fluid Power Society's "Fluid Power Specialist" certification in 1987, designed hydraulic circuitry featured in "Hydraulics & Pneumatics" magazine, taught a vocational school's "Basic Hydraulics" course, and has many years of "hands on" experience with a wide range of hydraulic equipment.

Participating in multiple "how to be a better trainer" courses and spending many years coaching his kids' youth soccer teams has helped Rob develop an easy-to-understand, interactive teaching style that keeps class members interested, engaged, and involved. If he can teach at team of 6 year-old soccer players to understand the "offside" rule, Rob can certainly help a class of adults understand ways to extend the life of a variable volume, pressure compensated, load sensing hydraulic pump.

When asked about favorite customer responses to his training sessions, Rob is likely to mention at least one of these three:

Customized Creations is a small, family-run business. We'd very much like to help your personnel downsize your downtime.

If you have any questions or would like any additional information, please call Rob at (614)214-7261 or email him at basicHydraulics@gmail.com


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